[Multi] FantaMorph 4.1.5

Posted by download in Software on 18-10-2010

Abrosoft FantaMorph is powerful and easy-to-use morphing software for the creation of fantastic photo morphing pictures and sophisticated morph animation effects. With our revolutionary rendering engine and
a super-friendly user interface, creating morphing pictures and action sequences has never been easier and

Key features include:

* Morph 2 to unlimited images
* Skinable and multilingual user interface
* Powerful and easy-to-use edit tools
* Preview and Play in real time
* Advanced morphing controls
* Various morphing effects
* Export morphing frames to 32-bit still images
* Export morph animation to Image Sequence, AVI, Flash, Animated GIF, EXE, Screen Saver, etc.
* Intelligent tools for face morphing/mixing

What's New

New Morphing Control Tool: Camera
Now you can pan/zoom/rotate each morphing frame through a customized curve.

New Morphing Control Tool: Track Curve
Now you can use a real curve as morph track instead of previous straight lines.

Add Caption
Now you can add caption on source images or the whole morph movie without using any additional software.

Add Filter
Now you can add more filters to source images or the final morph.

Sequence Effect
Now you can create the add-on effects (background, mask, foreground, etc.) not only for the whole movie, but also for each sequence.

New Line Mode
Now you can connect the separated key dots with lines. This will not affect the final morphing effects, but it makes the key dots grouped and organized well.

32-bit Preview
Now you can preview a 32-bit morph more clearly because the preview background is now a checkerboard instead of the pure black color.

New Full Screen Mode
Now you can preview and play your morph in full screen when design.

New Add-in: Face Library
With this new add-in, you can easily collect and store source images along with key dots in a classified library.

Intelligent Memory Management
Using this intelligent memory management technique makes it possible to load unlimited or huge source images in one project.


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