[Multi] Make Your Own Windows Post Install Wizard How To Tutorial

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Windows Post Install Wizard How To Tutorial

Introduction : What is WPI?

Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI or WPIW) is a software application for choosing and installing multiple Windows programs. It is commonly used just after a Windows installation on a computer, to choose and add the required applications that will be used, such as word processor, browser, CD-burning, anti-virus, utilities etc. The user must have all the programs available, and runs WPI to enable it to compile the selectable program list. Each program in the list will then have a check box next to it. If the box is checked, then WPI will install that program when it runs. WPI can be added to an operating system disk so that the OS and required applications are all on one disk. WPI can then be configured so that when the Windows OS installation completes, then the WPI will then proceed to automatically install the selected applications in a 'slipstreamed' or 'unattended' way. The makers of WPI pride themselves on the flexibility of the program.

Make Your Own WPI
All Softwares Included WPI 7.7.0,Addon 2 WPI 1.2,RunWithParameters 1.5.2,Auto WPI Launcher,Auto WPI Maker,WPI Addons plus Video Tutorial WPI Themes etc

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