[Multi] Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator Training

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Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator Training

Train Signal:Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator Training
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Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator Training Course Outline:

Video 1 a?" Welcome to Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator

Of course, we have to start out with the standard a?oHerea?Ts-what-you-can-expect-in-the-course.a?? In this Video youa?Tll get to learn a little bit about your instructor, what you can expect from this course, and the hardware I used to create the demonstrations in the course.
* About Your Instructor and Train Signal
* Whata?Ts Covered in this Course
* Hardware

Video 2 a?" To Virtualize or Not To Virtualize: When Hyper-V is a Good Idea, and When Ita?Ts Not

You know that Virtualization is hot right now and it shows no signs of cooling off. In this Video wea?Tll talk about when Hyper-V is a good idea, when ita?Ts a bad idea, and when to implement Hyper-V in your network.

* A Quick Refresher on Virtualization
* Licensing and Versions
* Candidates for Virtualization
* Your Virtualization Migration Tools
* Running sysprep and Capturing Image
* Creating New Hyper-V Machine
* Windows Setup Wizard
* Globomantics Virtualization Plan

Video 3 a?" Active Directory Forest Design and Functional Levels

Designing your Active Directory Forest and Functional Levels is a multi-faceted process. In this Video you will learn about the components and considerations that will help you make those critical decisions when setting up or redesigning an Active Directory environment.

* How To a?oPlanta?? A Forest
* Domains and Trees In The Forest
* To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade?
* Sites: Yet Another Thing to Deal With
* Globomantics AD Structure Stateside

Video 4 a?" Designing Trusts Between Forests and Domains

When you have to deal with other domains, either via a partnership or when you have to merge networks due to a buyout, Trusts come into play in a major way. In this Video youa?Tll learn the key elements of designing and redesigning the Trust relationships between your domains and forests.

* What Are Trusts
* The Types of Trusts
* Rules of Engagement
* Verdepetra.com Buyout Plan
* Creating Forest Trust

Video 5 a?" Active Directory Group and Group Policy Strategy

Learn multiple ways to design your Organizational Unit and Group Structure. Plus, we will work with AGUDLP and learn how to create Starter Policies for Group Policy and Fine Grained Password Policies.

* Organizational Units and Groups
* Configuring AGUDLP
* Shadow Group
* Group Policy
* Starter Policies
* Group Policy Preferences
* Fine Grained Password Policies
* Creating Fine Grained Password Policy

Video 6 a?" Active Directory Backup and Recovery

Learn to use NTDSUTIL to perform high-level maintenance on your Active Directory database. Plus, you will see how to optimize an IFM Backup and identify Operations Masters (FSMOa?Ts) and where they should go.

* Creating Install from Media (IFM) Backup
* Tombstone Lifetime
* How to Seize Operations Master from a Dead Domain Controller
* Seizing a Role

Video 7 a?" DNS: Your Name Resolution Solution

Getting your clients to be able to find what they need on your network is a critical part of your network design. In this Video youa?Tll see the benefits of Active Directory Integrated DNS, set up a GlobalNames zone, and learn fun facts about Forwarders and Stub Zones.

* New Features in DNS
* To Integrate into AD or Not to Integrate
* Conditional Forwarders vs. Stub Zones
* Who WINS Nowadays?
* Creating GlobalNames Zones
* IPv6 Basic Configuration

Video 8 a?" Active Directory Certificate Services

Security continues to be a top priority for any company or individual, and running your own Public Key Infrastructure can be at the center of your internal security solution. In this Video, not only will you learn how to set up an Enterprise Root Authority, but you will also learn how to set it up so that users can get their own certificates.

* Introduction to Public Key Infrastructure
* The Root Authority
* Subordinate Servers
* Revocation Lists a?" the CRL
* The Online Responder
* Versions and CA Role Services
* Globomantics Scenario
* Installing Enterprise Root Authority
* Managing PKI
* Creating Domain Certificate
* Requesting Certificates

Video 9 a?" How To Get Out Of The Office With Terminal Services

Out of all the enhancements in Server 2008, Terminal Services may just be one of my favorites. Planning out a Terminal Services implementation requires knowledge of what is available and where stuff needs to go.

* Remote App vs. Remote Desktop
* On the Go with Web Access
* Implementing TS Server
* TS Remote Apps Manager Overview
* Getting Out of the Office with TS Gateway
* Keeping Your Users Happy with High Availability
* Creating a Capture Boot Image
* Running sysprep on TS1
* Capturing the Image on TS1
* Creating a Brand New Server
* Deploying Images Using Deployment Services
* Installing TS Session Broker

Video 10 a?" Rights Management and Distributed File System

Securing your data as well as allowing people to, oh I dona?Tt know, ACTUALLY USE IT, can be a tricky endeavor. Using RMS and DFS together can not only secure your data, but allow access only to the users who need it.

* Share Your Stuff Safely with Rights Management
* Get Your Stuff Out There with DFS
* Installing DFS Role Service
* Utilizing DFS a?" Creating Replication Group
* GloboFilesGroup Actions Overview
* Testing Replication
* Publishing Points
* Creating a Namespace
* Combining DFS and RMS

Video 11 a?" Keep Your Apps Online with High Availability

Leta?Ts face ita?"your users (or a?ointernal customersa?? if youa?Tre cool) want access to applications they need to do their work, and they want it now. High availability tools like Failover Clustering and Network Load Balancing can help you to provide a higher level of experience to users even when some of your machines a?oblow up.a??

* Failover Clustering
* Quorum Disk
* Network Load Balancing
* Globomantics Scenario
* Installing Network Load Balancing Feature
* Creating a New Cluster
* Adding DNS Entry for Our Cluster
* Adding Machines to a Cluster
* Verifying that Network Load Balancing is Working
* Creating Single Name Resolution with GlobalNames

Video 12 a?" The Read-Only Domain Controller

Branch offices are a big reality, but when users in those offices go to do something simple like logon to the network, it can take more time than normal if you dona?Tt have a Read-Only Domain Controller. In this Video, youa?Tll learn why RODCa?Ts can be very beneficial in these remote offices.

* Where Would an RODC Go?
* How To Install a Full RODC
* Drawbacks to RODCs
* Installing RODC
* Verifying Installation
* Taking a Look at Answer File
* Full RODC or Server Core?
* Branch Office Stuff You Need to Know

Video 13 a?" WSUS: Keeping Your Machines Updated

Using Automatic Updates directly from Microsofta?Ts server is nifty but depending on the amount of machines you have in your enterprise; just keeping security updates installed on your clients and servers can use up a massive amount of bandwidth. In this Video, youa?Tll learn how to set up WSUS and control the updates that get pushed down to your machines.

* Three Update Methods
* Windows Server Update Services a?" WSUS
* Managing WSUS
* Downloading and Installing WSUS
* Configuring WSUS Server
* Adding Computers to WSUS Server
* Configuring Group Policy
* Approving Security Updates on WSUS
* Running Updates on Vista Client
* WSUS Administrator Group
* System Center

Video 14 a?" Lock It Up: Security Made Semi-Easy

Microsoft provides some great tools to help lock down your server. In this Video I&rsauo;ll show you three great solutions to reduce your attack surface on your servers.

* BitLocker
* Security Configuration Wizard Overview
* Running Security Configuration Wizard
* Locating the Policy on Hard Drive
* Baseline Security Analyzer

Video 15 a?" Planning for Remote Access
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