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History Killer PRO 5.0.2 | 2.44 MB
History Killer Pro - comprehensive software for solving all the problems associated with the removal of debris from the computer and information security. The program will ensure your privacy as the Internet and outside it, permanently erasing all the information that could compromise your privacy.History Killer Pro - erases temporary files and folders Windows, trash your search history Windows, the list of recently used files Windows Windows products and programs, Microsoft Office, as well as temporary files, history, autocomplete forms and cookies Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. And with the task scheduler History Killer Pro can automate all these steps.As is well known for viewing the contents of deleted to Trash folder, you must first restore it. History Killer Pro will allow you to do this without recovery.History Killer Pro - unlike other similar programs, which simply removes history, History Killer Pro helps to remove from the history of Internet Explorer (the file index.dat) only the specific information you want to remove, with built-in parser index.dat files.Search Module History Killer Pro will help you find all the traces of a particular site, where you recently entered - for example, if you want to remove from your computer the next visit to my classmates, in the search to specify odnoklassniki.ru and the program will find everything related to it site. Remove found no longer be a problem. A function exception to protect from deletion of information on the right site.
Program"s capabilities:
* Search function. Using the search History Killer Pro can find detailed information ostavlennuyu particular site (eg odnoklassniki.ru) on your computer or just the files (including paying) that you want to permanently delete. Search should be used only after scanning all the items in the program.* Analysis of the locked file index.dat. History Killer Pro analyzes locked (locked) index.dat file, which contains the main part of the history of Internet Explorer, and makes changes to a file instead of total removal or purification of the content. Thus it is possible to make only the necessary changes in the index.dat file.* Recognition of the file system "Trash" ("Recycle Bin"). Through the program, History Killer Pro can see the detailed contents of the Trash, in contrast to the Trash Windows. Including remote directory, subdirectories, files, file types, file size and date last izmemeniya.* Selective removal of all elements. All scanned items can be seen in isolation and therefore can be selectively removed - just exactly what you want to delete.
Change Log:
Version 5.0.2 fixed bug with redirect URLs removing.Homepage -

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