[HotFile] Almeza StaffLogger 4.6.0

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Almeza StaffLogger 4.6.0

Almeza StaffLogger 4.6.0 | 3.93 MB

StaffLogger is a program for controlling the working time on computers. The program logs the applications the user works with and the sites the user visits. StaffLogger is used to monitor the computer activity of the user.

Program features:

1. Logging the time spent in applications.
2. Logging idle time.
3. Logging the time spent on websites.
4. Grouping applications and sites by categories (work, Internet, leisure...)
5. Visual reports.

StaffLogger will help you:

1. keep track of your personal time and find out what you actually spend your time on when you work with the computer.
2. know what your employees spend their working time on
3. receive detailed reports about the activities of every employee in various aspects.
4. determine the most efficient/inefficient employee

This information will allow you to manage your staff better and make the corresponding decisions based on facts.

Start using StaffLogger right now and you will get the results already in the evening!

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