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Hide My Windows 1.10

Hide My Windows 1.10 | 2.47 MB

Hide My Windows software for quickly hiding windows without closing applications. Any games, documents and application can be hidden from your desktop till someone try to spy behind you.

It will be useful in office if your boss comes unexpectedly and you play in games or chat with friends - just press one hotkey combination to hide active or group of windows. All hidden windows will be shown again when you need them.

Hide My Windows provides a easy and flexible functionality for home and office PC users, allowing them to quickly get sensitive materials out off the screen without having to close programs or lose documents.


� Instantly hide windows with a secret hotkey combination - This feature allows to hide all windows of browsers, chats, games and other by defined filters.

� Instantly hide active window with a secret hotkey combination - Sometimes you have no time to add window name to filters, no problem this feature allows to you hide any active window by hotkey.

� Restore all windows on their places - All hidden windows will be restored with their sizes, places and style.

� Works invisibly in the background - To protect your privacy Hide My Windows can be hide and work in background.

� Customizable hot keys - You can change default hotkeys anytime.

� Show list of hidden windows - You can check which windows hidden by filters and change filters if needed.

� Owner process detection - Different processes can have windows with one name, you can decrease collisions by analyzing owner processes and changing filters to meet your needs.

Change Log:
� Improved feedback via Twitter and Facebook.
� Hide all windows except active one with keystoke.
� Error message ""240" is not valid integer value" has been fixed.
� NB! Portable version will not be supported untill version 2.0 release.

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