GNX Music Step Ya Game Up Vol 1 MULT iFORMAT DYNAMiCS

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GNX Music Step Ya Game Up Vol 1 MULT iFORMAT DYNAMiCS

GNX Music Step Ya Game Up Vol 1 MULT iFORMAT DYNAMiCS | 453.32 MB

Genre: MultiMedia

This Exclusive Drum Sample CD drops March 21st. 500 Drum Samples straight from the Indusrty for you to use in your favorite sampler or sequencer. Woks with MPCs, Fruity Loops, Triton, Battery, EXS and more. Anything else that can read Wav. format. No Loops, No Garbage, No noise or junk at the end of each sample. All One shot samples are ready to make hitz.
All 500 one shots were sampled and recorded digitally. Nothin but crazy hot drum samples. Claps, Kicks, Shakers, Hats and Snares all edited, truncated and mapped saving you more than 80 hours of sampling and editing time. You can load up any of the 30 pre mapped kits in Battery, Soundfont player or EXS24 and start makin beats now. You can also use the wav or Aiff versions of the samples wit hany other compatible sampler and create your own bangin kits. For the programing alone on this is one CD you cant be with out.

Full List Of Drum Kits Vol. 1
Full List Of Kits Included in Step Ya Game Up Vol. 1
All Kicks 1
All Kicks 2
All Kicks 3
All Kicks 4
All Kicks 5
All Snares Claps 1
All Snares Claps 2
All Snares Claps 3
All Snares Claps 4
All Snares Claps 5
All Snares Claps 6
All Hats Perc 1
All Hats Perc 2
All Hats Perc 3
All Hats Perc 4
Kit 1 – Bangaz 1 – Hot Drums for the Club
Kit 2 – Bangaz 2 – Another Kit to get the club jumpin
Kit 3 – Bangaz 3 – More Club Banging Drum hits
Kit 4 – Mobb Drums – From the projects to your sampler
Kit 5 – Dela Drums – Good ole mix of Hip Hop drum Samples
Kit 6 – Shade Kit – Name should say it all.
Kit 7 – Primero Kit – Gritty drums sampled from their master.
Kit 8 – NY Bangaz – From the Streets to the Charts, NY Style
Kit 9 – More Drums – Another mix of blazin drum samples
Kit 10 – Another Kit – Killer drum samples continued.
Kit 11 – Burnin Kit – RNB Drums to step ya game up.
Kit 12 – Classic RNB Kit – This is what RNB is bout.
Kit 13 – Sex Em Kit – Make em hot and Get em wet.
Kit 14 – Billboard Kit – This is a hit makin kit.
Kit 15 – Enough Kits – One last kit to finish out the collection.

A Total of
•158 Kicks
•207 Claps and Snares
•147 Hats and Percussion


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