Posted by download in Other, Software on 27-02-2010

Application details

SEOpen is an extension I made for Firefox to help with search engine optimization. It provides many helpful tools at the click of a mouse. Current SEOpen features are all accessed through right-clicking an open area on a web page or by using the new toolbar; they include: * Yahoo Backlinks * Pages in Yahoo Index * Google Backlinks * Google Cache * Pages in Google index * Google Translate to English * Google Related * PageRank Check * MSN Backlinks * Pages in MSN Index * Alexa Overview * Alexa Traffic * Alexa Related * Alexa Backlinks * "Mass Check" multiple sources at once * Check DMOZ Inclusion * Keyword Density * Page Size Checker * HTML Validator * Server Header Viewer * Wayback Machine * Check Robots.txt * Whois Info CrapWare Free! Planned for future versions: * Yahoo & MSN Cache * Spider Simulator and/or Text Browser view * IP-based SEO tools * Toolbar Option




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