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Posted by download in Software on 20-10-2010

Adobe Fireworks CS5 (Portable)

Adobe Fireworks CS5 Portable (+Topaz Bundle 2010) | 135 Mb

Adobe Fireworks, the powerful image editor and interactive applications for the Web comes in the new version, showing that, contrary to what everyone thought, this software will not be replaced or subordinated to Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Gold At weekly ranking.

In this version, the program comes with a universal interface design at Adobe, making the use by industry professionals more intuitive and familiar, but not leaving behind inexperienced users, because it has intuitive tools.

Among the new features of version CS5 is the pixel-need to render images of almost any size, supports flowcharts in Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Gold and performs exchange accurate color with the designs of other graphics applications from Adobe, as Adobe Swatch Exchange tool .

Adobe Fireworks also includes improvements, especialmentena program performance and export bases in CSS and HTML. Besides the sophisticated intelligent integration with other Adobe programs.

Topaz is the easiest way to make your photos pop. Adjust optimizes the image exposure, color and strength of detail to the imaging results impressive. quality exposure adjustment in Photoshop is cumbersome and sometimes frustrating. Topaz makes this process simple, fun and very rewarding

With this new version was easy to implement changes and work with the image because it already comes with ready-made changes, just click on it and the image is changed, if you prefer to do everything manually or some adjustment is possible, everything in a simple and practical.


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