[Others] VRMPOEM_ENU iso

Posted by download in Software on 20-10-2010


Clean Copy of Windows XP Professional OEM 32 bit.
There is no "Black Edition", "Diamond Edition", "Shit Edition". Just plain Windows XP Professional.

Slipstreamed stuff:
Service Pack 3
Internet Explorer 8
Windows Media Player 11
dot NET Framework 1, 2 and 3

It is only one ISO file, without any cracks or license keys. You must use your license key or find one by yourself. Nothing has been removed whatsoever.
As most of my torrents, I sometimes shut down my torrent client (and consequently stop the seeding) because I'm away from home and I use VoIP to speak to my family and girlfriend (BTW I am NOT in prison - yet)! I need to do it every now and then but I get back to my seeding within a few hours - so don't panic. Sometimes my upload spoils my chat and frankly I care more about it than I care about leechers.
I haven't slipstreamed the updates because they can vary from system to system and I didn't want to do it because it's boring.
If you are going to check the ISO before burning your CD mounting it on a virtual drive you may notice that it won't autoplay... but the ISO is bootable and you can check it on VMWare or Virtual Box.
I was going to add Windows Live Messenger as well but I just couldn't be bored of finding out how to silent install it. Thankfully I found a CAB for the .NET Framework (credit goes to Ryan). All the rest was done using command line to avoid the annoying Nlite boredom.
So there you have it. Finally, a clean copy of Windows XP!


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