[Multi] WordFlood 2.0

Posted by download in Software on 20-10-2010

Ready To Create Quality Unique Content At Warp Speed? Want To Instantly DOUBLE Your Article Marketing Productivity Without Doing Any Extra Work?

I know your time is valuable, so I'll cut straight to the chase here. We all know that rewriting PLR articles can be an excellent way to generate unique content for your website, blog, or ebook, allowing you to reap the rewards of more residual search engine traffic and sell a lot more of whatever it is you're selling ($$$).

But article rewriting can be a royal pain in the "you know where"! Most article "spinning" software programs either... (A) Take a long time to setup, (B) Output complete garbage, or (C) Both!

But there is one program that truly is different! Allow me to introduce to you the only article rewriting software program in existence that takes zero time to setup, allows you to rewrite articles at warp speed, all while creating unique articles of extremely HIGH QUALITY.

Introducing WordFlood 2.0!

WordFlood is a unique, powerful desktop application designed to help article marketers and other creative writing professionals massively increase their article marketing productivity, by allowing them to take existing PLR articles (or their own original articles), and turn them into separate unique articles by rewriting them very, very fast.

The more unique content you have for your website or blog, the more residual search engine traffic you will get. More residual traffic = more residual profits for you!

Download link for the 2 week trial, here it is again...

DOWNLOAD FULL (With Active code)

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