Screenshot Magic 4.0

Posted by download in Software on 20-10-2010

Screenshot Magic 4.0

Screenshot Magic allows you to make screenshot images from the following sources:

Full Desktop
Active Window (full or contents only)
DirectX Fullscreen (games).
The user can transform the final image using the simple settings to re-size, flip horizontally or flip vertically. Screenshot Magic also features the ability to mask window corners in Windows XP and Vista style windows. The user can export the final image to the clipboard and/or save it to disk. An option for auto-saving is also available.

Screenshot Magic can save images in the following formats (24-bit):
Windows or OS/2 Bitmap (BMP)
Independent JPEG Group (JPG)
Portable Network Graphics (PNG).
Full instructions are included with the software, explaining each of the possible settings and the function that they perform.


Link for the password:

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