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BricsCad Pro v11.1.6.20185 Incl Keygen-MESMERiZE

Bricscad™ the number one .dwg CAD alternative. Bricscad reads and writes the .dwg format and offers high compatibility with AutoCAD® 2010. Its .dwg compatibility level together with the availability of a constant growing number of third party applications – more than 160 today – makes Bricscad the best alternative solution.

Bricscad V11 Pro has an extremely powerful rendering engine allowing to work in permanent render mode. Materials and lights can be created and edited in the Materials section of the Drawing Explorer.

Features summary

New Features
» Dynamic Blocks editing
» Rendering Engine
» PDF underlay
» Super fast lay-out switching
» New style grips and dynamic input
» Layer preview
» Regeneration performance improvement
» Memory usage decreased with 15%
» Programmable mouse buttons

Key Features
» Highly compatible with DWG 2010 file format.
» Support for DWG versions 2.5 to 2010.
» Full ACIS (3D solids) modeling (Windows only).
» Associative Dimensions.
» Reference Edit.
» Powerful Drawing Explorer.
» Consolidated Settings Manager.
» Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) (Windows only).
» Fast LISP engine with +450 VLAX functions support.
» Highly compatible ADS/SDS API (Windows only).
» Highly compatible COM API (Windows only).
» BRX/ARX support (Windows only).


Dynamic Input and Dynamic Dimensions
Dynamic Dimensions are available while creating /editing entities. With the new DYNMODE button it can be switched ON/OFF. When moving a grip point, all related dimensions are displayed in real time and can be modified on the fly with Dynamic Input.

Materials are defined by the different color settings and the settings such as glossiness, transparency, refraction index, self illumination and reflectivity. Materials can be detailed by selecting a bitmap under diffuse map and then be fine-tuned with the settings of the transparency map and the bump map. All maps then can be blended too, to get the exact look as you want.

PDF Underlay
Attach any pdf file to your drawing. You can snap to the geometry contained in the pdf.

Dynamic Blocks
You can insert dynamic blocks from your existing dynamic block libraries and adjust the custom properties and constraints in the Properties Bar.

Layer Preview
In the Layers section of the Drawing Explorer the content of each layer displays in the Preview pane.

Creation of seperate Hatches
You can create separate hatches when clicking subsequent points to detect hatch boundaries or when you select multiple closed entities to be hatched.

eBridge™ to Vondle
eBridge starts where eTransmit ends. With eBridge Bricscad now connects to Vondle™. eBridge and Vondle allow to manage, view, share, log all file versions of a CAD project and much more. eBridge connects automatically with the Vondle servers and uploads the selected files. Files already on the server are checked automatically on modifications. This is just one of the many automated processes, guaranteeing control on integrity.

Reference Editing
The Refedit tool allows to edit the content of external references (Xrefs) and block inserts from within the current drawing, which is referred to as in-place reference editing. RefEdit either works on a portion of the reference which you edit or on the entire drawing or all entities in the block. Nested blocks are detected automatically and presented in a tree view. A preview of each block or Xref helps you to select the correct object. The changes are saved back to the Xref source drawing or the block definition in the current drawing

Associative Dimensions
Dimensions are updated automatically when the geometry has changed. You can even dimension Model Space entities in Paper Space and see them being updated when you modify the entities in Model Space. Dimensions can now be linked to entity snap points such as endpoints, midpoints and perpendicular. Associative dimensioning applies to both linear and angular dimensions.

Settings Manager
In the Settings Dialog you can check or modify the current value of all settings. The settings can be viewed alphabetically or categorized, grouping related settings in a tree view. The built-in search feature lets you find settings quickly and intuitively. For each setting you get a short description, whether the setting is global or drawing specific and, if possible, a graphical preview.

System requirements
» Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits) / Vista / XP / 2000 / Fedora 12 or higher / OpenSuse 11.1 or higher / Ubuntu 9.10 or higher.
» Intel® Pentium® III 1 Ghz processor or faster, or compatible processor.
» Minimum RAM - Besides the memory used by the Operating System a minimum 256 MB of RAM should be available.
» Recommended RAM - We recommend 1 Gb of RAM or more.
» Hard Drive: 200 MB, 100 MB for program files, 100 MB free space
» Display requirements: 1024x768 XGA with true color (minimum)

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