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Windows Vista Black Dream Full

Windows Vista Black Dream Child Forever Full | 699 MB

- Vista Black Dream Lite Inlcunes over 29 themes and run faster

Windows Vista Black Dream Child Forever Full | 699 MB
- Vista Black Dream Lite Inlcunes over 29 themes and run faster
- Vista Black Dream Normal is added : Windows Sidebar, Drive Space, Visual Tool Tip, Vista Rocket Dock, True Transparency, Win Flip, YzShadow....etc.
- Vista Black Dream Full = Vista Black Dream Lite Vista Black Dream Normal and support all languages.
-This is the latest version of Windows XP Vista Black Dream Final build from MS Windows SP3 Final.
-This version is built Elaborately and on fine.It is more beautifull than last version and have a High stability,
-Updates Newest hotfix to help your PC Run Faster,mores table and the security higher....
-XP Vista Black Dream Lite Edition v1 was built in 08/10/2008
-Vista Black Dream Nomal v2 was built in 10/20/2008.
-Now Vista Black Dream Full v3 come in 01/23/2009.
Hardware Support
DriverPack Chipset: 142 drivers in this DriverPack!
DriverPack CPU: 1 drivers in this DriverPack!
DriverPack LAN: 153 drivers in this DriverPack!
DriverPack MassStorage: 144 drivers in this DriverPack!
DriverPack WLAN: 253 drivers in this DriverPack!

Develop Author:Dani
Year Released:23/01/2009
Genuine: yes , no need key add
Version: 2009 v3.0 build 23.01.09 x 86
Platform: x86(32bit)
Language: English default and multi-langs
Isseen as winxp most beautiful in allthe other Win XP Vista Black Dream.
Windows XP Vista Black Dream have more Styles and always trying to please those who use the most difficult.
Style added:
- Add Logon Win New!!!!!
- Add Windows Media Player 11 version 11.0.5721.5246 Newstyle
- Add Hibernate button in the shutdown menu
- Add vista Sound
- Add style explorer
- Add Bootscreen
- Add UPXThemes
- Add Best icons pack
- Add slider bar and gadgets
- Add Screensavers more beautifully
- Add best Wallpaper packs

Themes added:
-Theme Vista Black Dream
-Theme Windows Seven Aero
-Theme Windows Max Blue
-Theme Windows Seven Basic
-Theme Windows Max Green
-Theme Windows Max Orange
-Theme Vista Blue Dream
-Theme Vista Red Dream
-Theme Vista Prink Dream
-Theme Vista Grey Dream
-Theme Royal Media Center Edition
-Theme Royal Mac
-Theme Royal Vista
-Theme Royal Unix
-Theme Brushed Panther Aqua
-Theme Brushed Panther Blue
-Theme Brushed Panther Graphite
-Theme Happy Valentine's Day
-Theme Internet Explorer 7
-Theme Tally Haw
-Theme Crystal Blue (Thin Flag)
-Theme Crystal Clear (Flag)
-Theme Crystal Clear (Win Flag)
-Theme Crystal Blue Classic (Thin Flag)
-Theme Crystal Blue Classic (Thin Win Flag)
-Theme Crystal Blue (Thin Win Flag)
-Theme Crystal Blue (Thin Flag)
Windows XP Vista Black Dream support All types of PCs:
-Support Desktop PCs, laptop have the latest hardware
-Support All SATA/RAID.
-Support AMD Chipset.
-support Ati VGA
Updates Newest hotfix to help
-your PC Run Faster,mores table and the security higher,against the infection of malicious code,
-Increase the maximumability to protect against spyware,ads software and steal information,protect to against toxic Websites.
-Increaseability to protect to viruts,worms and trojans,Firewall to protect against the hackers.
-Optimizing system and increased stability for Win.

DirectX for WinXP Post-SP3 August Update
Microsoft & Windows Update v7.2.6001.84
Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control v7.0.6000.569
(KB892130) Windows Genuine Advantage v1.8.0031.0
(KB890830) Malware Removal Tool v2.2
Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update 1.2
(KB955305) Microsoft Silverlight v1.0.30716.0
Adobe Flash Player v9.0 r124
(KB931125) Root Certificate Update - July 2008
QFEcheck v6.2.29.0
(KB873374) GDI Detection Tool

Minimum System:
CPU:Celeron 2.0GH upward.
RAM: Ram 256MB (requirements 512MB upward).
VGA: 32MB.(requirements 64MB upward).
HDD: 2GB upward.

1.If you update from windows , please use key
2. Boot from dos no need key


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