Photo Toolkit 1.8 Beta

Posted by download in Software on 21-10-2010

Application details

Now completely free! Photo Toolkit is a powerful and easy-to-use program to edit your digital images. With only a few clicks, you can automatically remove red eye and correct colors of multiple photos (Batch mode), retouch portraits, whiten teeth, add lighting effects, straighten and resize photos and more - and directly from the standard Windows picture viewer. Correct your shots while viewing them. Photo Toolkit includes several unique tools to improve your photos. Red Eye Remover is the fully automatic solution for red eye correction. You do not need to draw accurately over the red zone or use a brush to correct your photos. In most cases Photo Toolkit detects all instances of red eye on your photos and corrects them instantly. Fix Red Eye The Fix Red Eye tool allows you to quickly and easily remove red eye from your photos. An image can be fixed automatically (no manual selection is needed in the vast majority of photos) or edited in manual mode. Enhance Color The Enhance Color tool contains a number of advanced tools for adjusting image color Balance, contrast, brightness and saturation. An image can be fixed automatically (Default color correction will be performed) or edited in manual mode. Denoise The Denoise tool removes luminance and color noise and effectively restores images made under poor lighting conditions. An image can be fixed automatically or edited in manual mode. Create Caricature The Caricature tool lets you create funny caricatures transforming photos with special warping effects. Make Up The Make Up tool contains a complete set of retouching filters for portrait enhancement. Lighting The Lighting Effects tool lets you apply artistic lighting effects to your photos, as well as add 3D relief. Straighten The Straighten tool offers the easiest way to straighten tilted photos. Resample




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