Registry Reviver

Posted by download in Software on 21-10-2010

Application details

Registry Reviver is an advanced Registry Cleaner that cleans, repairs and optimizes your PC to minimize seizures and crashes. With Registry Reviver, you will see an immediate increase in PC Performance and a decrease in crashes. Registry Reviver Features * Increase in PC performance - You will see immediate increases in your PC's performance and stability. * Decrease in PC crashes and conflicts - Your PC will boot up FASTER, be more stable, and experience less crashes and conflicts. * Quick scanning - Quick scanning technology means your PC will be completely scanned for registry errors in less than two minutes * Download All the registry updates your PC needs in One Click - Take the frustration out of a slow performing PC, and optimize your PC with one simple mouse click! * Intuitive Interface - Intuitive and simple to use design makes its user friendly and set and forget * Light footprint - Your Computers performance won't be effected while you use Registry Reviver * Free 24/7 technical support - Should you need assistance * 30 day money back guarantee - For absolute peace of mind. Registry Reviver uses the most advanced technologies available to analyze PC errors and speed up your slow PC. Registry Reviver detects and removes all unused entries in your PC registry from failed software, driver installations, faulty installations / uninstalltions and optimizes your Windows startup.




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