PHP Studio 2010

Posted by download in Software on 21-10-2010

Application details

PHP Studio 2010 is an easy-to-use and comprehensive development solution for PHP based websites and applications. This advanced PHP editor has many features that will streamline complete development process of editing, debugging and deploying of PHP applications for both beginner and professional web engineers. PHP Studio 2010 Features * Built-in HTTP Server: Debug PHP scripts without a need for external HTTP server. Built-in HTTP server which runs PHP as a CGI module enables developers to test their scripts without uploading them to a live server. * Integrated web browser: Easily view the results of PHP scripts without leaving PHP Studio (requires MSIE 4.0 or higher) * Code explorer: Locate class and function definitions rapidly through PHP code. * Multiple language syntax highlighting: PHP Studio supports configurable syntax highlighting for PHP, SQL, HTML, XML, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), JavaScript, Perl, Python and Java. * Built-in FTP client. You can work with the files on remote server * Integration with PHP documentation: Press F1 to activate PHP manual and search for a word under caret. (requires CHM version of PHP Manual) * PHP function and parameter completion: You can quickly see PHP function list by pressing Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Ctrl+Enter for a hint pop-up containing parameter reference for selected function. * Supports UTF8/UTF16 * Visual file comparison utility * Server explorer panel: You can easily access the files which will be served * File Explorer: You can easily access local file system while you are working with PHP Studio * Code snippets: You can easily access CSS and HTML tags * Advanced text editing capabilities (Multiply undo/redo, find/replace, indent/unindent ...) * Automatic correction (similar to MS Word). * Tabbed multiply document interface (MDI) * Backup & automatic saving of files * Automatic parentheses highlighting




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