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Anti-Virus ? Avast! Free/Professional/Internet Security 5.0.504

Avast! Free/Professional/Internet Security 5.0.504 | 140 MB

Avast! - Antivirus software that can find viruses on your PC hard disk, in his memory, boot sectors, etc. Supported by a virus scan in the letters, there are blocker script. Virus database is constantly updated and can be downloaded via the Internet. The program is equipped with modules for checking e-mail, Internet traffic, IM and P2P clients. Contains a repository of suspicious and infected files,viruses, and scanning module before loading Windows.

Company Avast!, Popular producer of like antivirus software, today announced its new product called Avast! Internet Security. This software protects personal computers from a wide range of threats to the global network. In addition to the powerful and highly efficient antivirus engine, ensuring the protection of client systems in real time, the attention of users of Avast!Internet Security proposes a set of additional functions. The package included a functional firewall, integrated anti-spam tools desktop virtualization processes (function sandbox). According to the developers, the newsoftware is able to withstand such a widespread threat, as "rootkits", as well as detecting and disabling spyware application.
The program can operate in a screen saver. The interface is made in a rather non-standard, as for anti-virus, as - with support for interchangeable "skins" rather unusual form. It supports all versions of Windows, including x64. There is also Russian-language version. In addition, according to independent testing this antivirus can be recommended as a primary means to protect your PC.

Name of Program: Avast! Free / Professional / Internet Security
Program Version: 5.0.504
Released: 2010
Language: ML
Medicine: Yes
System Requirements: Windows all

Main features of avast! 5.0:
High-performance virus scanning module
Protection against rootkits
Protection from Spyware

The main components of avast 5.0:
Display file system - the main component of the scanner in real time avast!. It keeps track of all files and programs on your computer
Screen-mail monitors all traffic programs for e-mail and scans all emails before they reach your computer, thus preventing possible damage.
Web Screen analyze all your actions when visiting Web sites on the Internet and prevent any threat before they zametit your web browser
Screen monitors P2P download most applications P2P (peering programs), virtually all neutralizing security risks associated with this type of program
Display online chats intercepts all download the applications for instant messaging (ICQ, etc.) and checks them for viruses
Avast Antivirus Firewall monitors all network activity and blocks viruses that try to infect your system through the network. In addition, the screen is blocking access to known malicious Web sites
The screen monitors the behavior of a system for suspicious behavior, alerting the user of any unusual activity

The procedure for treatment:
Trial reset to run after disabling the protection, reboot and activate again - 30 days and so on



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