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Intel Parallel Studio 2011

Intel Parallel Studio 2011 | 558.40 MB

Professional set of tools fully integrated with the development environment Microsoft Visual Studio, which helps developers in a parallel programming. American corporation Intel Corporation was founded in 1968 (headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA), and is currently producing a wide range of electronic devices and computer components, including semiconductors, microprocessors, chipsets.Applications written using the Intel Parallel Studio, compatible with multi-core processors Intel, including the Larrabee x86 architecture with integrated high - performance graphics. Intel is just such a compatibility masshtabirumostyu, bearing in mind that applications written using the Parallel Studio, will work with processors, there are more nuclei in comparison to today, and be able to take advantage of additional cores.

Modules in the Intel Parallel Studio 2011:

- Intel Parallel Composer
Designed for developing parallel applications for programmers using Microsoft Visual C++. It combines the compilers and libraries, as well as the extension for Microsoft Visual Studio debugger support, simplifying and accelerating the conversion of sequential and parallel applications multithreaded.
- Intel Parallel Advisor
Designed for quick connection of parallel processing to the compiler C / C ++ using an extensive set of libraries with multi-thread processing. Intel Parallel Advisor helps you find the code sections of working effectively with the use of parallel processing.
- Intel Parallel Inspector
A powerful tool that implements the search function of memory errors and multi-threading. With it you can improve the reliability, security and accuracy of application C / C ++, working in Microsoft Visual Studio. In the Intel Parallel Inspector uses dynamic instrumentation does not require special test builds or compilers, so it becomes possible to more frequent testing of code.

- Intel Parallel Amplifier
Allows you to quickly identify performance bottlenecks of multicore processors without any information about the processor architecture or assembly code. Parallel Amplifier tool allows you to accurately analyze the performance of Windows applications and provides quick access to data on scaling to accelerate and optimize decision-making.



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