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Artlantis Studio v3.0.3 Portable Multilanguage with Video Tutorial |HF|FS|Filesonic links

Artlantis Studio v3.0.3 Portable Multilanguage with Video Tutorial | 1,38GB

Abvent Artlantis Studio - a set of tools for creating photo-quality images based on 3D-models of various simulation software: ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, etc. The program provides a convenient and intuitive tools for changing textures, edit its properties, working with color and light sources. As a result, the user can build high-quality photos, videos and presentation materials as quickly as possible.
Release Date: 2010
Name of Program: Artlantis Studio portable tutorial
Software version: 3.0.3
Treatment: not required (cured)
System requirements:
Recommended system requirements:
The Intel 8 Core or similar
Memory RAM 6 Gb
Graphic Card Graphic Card * 512 Mb with support for OpenGL
Display with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 and above
Internet connection
Software installed QuickTime ™ 7.6.2
Minimum system requirements:
Processor Intel Dual-Core speed 2,66 GHz or similar
-Memory RAM 4 Gb
-Graphic Card Graphic Card * 128 Mb with support for OpenGL 1.4
Display with a resolution no lower than 1280 x 1024 and supports 24-bit color
Connecting to the Internet
-Installed Software QuickTime ™ 7.6.2.
Size: 1.38 GB

Portable version of the program is very useful for the development of Artlantis Studio in conjunction with a detailed training course in Russian and English languages

Training course:
a) Training course in Russian in PDF format for instructional materials (finished projects)
b) The official rate of video lessons from Abvent in two parts (the text accompanying the English):
1. Familiarization and working in Artlantis (format MP4 1280x720, 1000 kbps, no sound)
2. Animation of objects in Artlantis (format MOV 800x576, 680 kbps, without sound).
c) Book Artlantis Attitude author Dwight Atkinson English
Making video tutorials without sound but with subtitles - the author's style of the firm.

The program lets you create realistic images, assign and modify the optical properties of materials, establish term, and sources of natural and artificial light to create scenes of virtual reality and modify the trajectory of motion for animated movies. Improved methods enrich Artlantis image Transparency effects, texture bump, reflection and refraction rays of light, atmospheric effects. Excellent quality at high speed, compactness and simplicity have made Artlantis Render a favorite application for users of ArchiCAD, create professional presentations for the design and decoration.
Artlantis Studio - a tool for users who develop the presentation. It allows you to create both static images and animations QuickTime VR panoramas, etc. In addition to the new mechanism FastRadiosity, Artlantis Studio offers a completely new functions. As an example,the animation scene and animation object. The program has preserved the simplicity and intuitive clarity of the interface.

The method of radiation (Radiosity)
Displaying 3D models taking into *** the reflection of light off surfaces! Updated rendering engine allows you to receive high-quality mapping project taking into *** the reflection of light off the walls, floors, ceilings and other objects of the building. And thanks to the fact that the image pre-window recreated in real-time, you will get better and expected after the final photographic rendering 3D models.

Simulation of the sky
The new version of Artlantis substantially reworked all sources of illumination project. With the introduction of new types of sources ("physical sky, sun,moon and stars), all visible elements shed light on other objects of the project in terms of global coverage (global illumination). In addition,different types of clouds (cirrus, cumulonimbus and stratus), without a doubt only add realism to the heavens, and thus your project.
Automatically adjusts lighting
Thanks to new technology automatically adjust the lighting, Artlantis dynamically adjusts the level of illumination of the scene: from the pre-dawn haze
sun to the dim light of evening sky, depending on external or internal visualization. And this in turn results in improving image quality and animation.
Integrated post-processing of images
Need additional processing of the picture does not make sense to use additional software - all you need is in Artlantis. The new
version of the new features for handling raster images - adjust brightness, contrast and color table the final image. And adding
image graininess, contour lines or a pastel shading surfaces, you can achieve fantastic results for styling images. All
changes are instantly displayed in the preview window, and the effects can be used either one or a group.
Preparation sheydersov (Shader)
The new version of Artlantis, new tools for the automatic creation of textures. Now sheydersy receive new properties: specular reflection,
shine, the effect of blurring, configuring the overlay raster ... all to improve the quality of textures. This function is intended, above all, experienced users
program - now they can customize the library sheydersov through the program interface.
Rich set of textures and objects
An additional collection of textures and objects, consisting of 25 CD, Artlantis users can get started quickly and customize
realistic environment, imitated in the virtual world scene from real life. With a new version of Artlantis face additional 5 CD with
families for Artlantis: animated 3D models of people, billboards, people, machines, stone and marble floors. New sheydersy and facilities will add
realism to your scenes, and control elements is very easy with the help of technology dra.
New features in Artlantis Studio 3
A new mechanism for rendering diffuse reflection
Improvement in the model of the light source, which has a level of fine-tuning the details.
Access to the specified parameters of internal and external lighting.
Working in the Expert mode allows the user to select the best features of lighting.

The new geometry management
Geometry managed by a team hierarchy or layer.
If the object is saved, it can be done externally (. Aof) or inside (associated with the current project).
Billboards and have a three-dimensional vegetation transmissivity.
New graphical change the position of the fixation object
Internal or external (. Aof) fixation point object can be instantly overridden from the window of a two-dimensional perspective.
New light attenuation
9 given the projections of light.
New: Animated Water
Water can be animated directly from the Inspector Shader. No longer need to adjust its parameters in the mode of animation.
New feature: animation of clouds
Clouds can be animated directly from the Inspector geliodonov. No longer need to customize their settings in the mode of animation.
New media element in the management of a project is open
Missing media element, you can: search, replace, or delete.
New feature: export project in a different format

Import upgrade:
DWG, DXF and DWF, compatible with a line of AutoDesk 2010.
For users of ArchiCAD 13, Artlantis 3 is now all defined layers



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