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WinApp | FarStone TotalDeploy Server 1.0 | 514 MB

FarStone's TotalDeployT Server is a comprehensive deployment solution that enables organizations (businesses, schools, federal/state/local governments, etc.) to deploy new servers quickly and easily. Instead of installing the standard configuration (operating systems, applications, and programs) to multiple computers one by one, TotalDeployT Server saves time by taking a disk image and deploying that image to multiple computers, simultaneously. TotalDeployT Server works to deploy operating systems with hardware-independent imaging, software distribution, and user settings and profiles.

Free Backup Agent
After burning the Backup Agent to a CD/DVD, you can back up your source computer to an image.

Customizable Deployment
New machines are properly deployed by providing options to specialize the computer names, IP addresses, etc.

Centralized Management Console
Management Console provides centralized management of deployments across the network.

Advanced script function
Execute pre-defined commands (scripts) after deployment.

Deploy to different hardware with Universal Restore/Dissimilar Restore
Deploy to original or different computer, or even to a virtual machine, without any hassle.

Provides image multicasting to minimize bandwidth usage and speed the deployment of new images.

64-Bit Windows Support
Supports 64-Bit Windows

Log view
Consolidate all activities for all clients into a centralized log view

PXE Support
Fully supported PXE network environment allows any client to be booted up from the PXE server.

Windows PE support
WinPE environment provides 100% hardware support. For example, RAID 0/1/5/10/JBOD, software RAID and network are fully supported in pre-OS.

Fully compatible with other FarStone products
TotalDeployT Server has the capability to deploy images created with FarStone's Total Backup Recovery Suite or TotalRecovery.



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