Posted by download in Software on 22-10-2010

Application details

NasPlan is the scheduling tool for the Windows Operating systeem. Our software makes it possible to Create a schedule in an easy and well-organized manner. The process of creating a schedule shouldn't be a project on its own. A schedule within NasPlan consists of the following parts: A project can consist of one or more tasks. Tasks can be linked to one or more employees or pieces of Equipment. When a schedule is modified the employee will get direct feedback. If, for instance, an employee is scheduled to work on two different tasks a message will appear notifying the scheduler of the problem. NasPlan is equipped with some user rights. Three levels are known within NasPlan: read only, full control and administrators. Employees with read only rights can only view the created schedules. Users with full control rights may modify the schedules. Administrative users can also modify the employees, user rights et cetera. NasPlan makes use of the Gantt principle to create a schedule. This principle is used when creating the schedule and also when viewing the report. Next to the Gantt report a text- and month report are also available.




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