[HotFile] Portrait Professional Studio v9.0.14 Retail

Posted by download in Software on 22-10-2010

Portrait Professional Studio 9. The ultimate fast, easy retouching software
for wedding and portrait photographers
And a great revenue generator...
If your portrait and wedding subjects look good they buy more prints. A lot more prints. And they will tell their friends what a great job you have done.

Portrait Professional Studio 9 can help you make your subjects as beautiful as they can be, incredibly quickly and easily. Absolutely no specialist skills required.

But don't take our word for it. Download the free trial and see for yourself.

How is this possible? Portrait Professional Studio 9 is airbrushing software that has been 'trained' in human beauty. Because of its inbuilt knowledge of human appearance, it can actually help you touch up faces very quickly and easily. After a very simple 'mark-up' phase, it lets you improve your photos instantly, just by moving sliders. With Portrait Professional Studio 9, it's incredibly fast and easy for any photographer to enhance all aspects of the face and hair of your subject. You can:

Fix skin blemishes such as spots or pimples in a fraction of the time that conventional touch up software would require, using new ultra realistic, patent applied for Clearskin® technology
Reduce and/or remove wrinkles
Remove grease, sweat or unsightly shine from the skin
Subtly reshape all or any aspect of the face to reduce the apparent weight of the subject or make the face subtly more attractive
Enhance the eye and mouth shape color and sharpness
Automatically smooth, recolor and thicken the subject's hair
Adjust the lighting on the face to make it more flattering or remove shadows from hats
Option to use stand-alone or as a Photoshop® plug-in
Read camera RAW files (which ones?)
Batch mode to improve workflow
Read and write TIFF files containing 16 bits per color channel
Option to perform all image processing with 16 bits per color channel for the best color accuracy
Color Profile support



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