Morpheus Super Accelerator

Posted by download in Other, Software on 28-02-2010

Application details

Morpheus Super Accelerator is a very low consuming add-on created to complement the overall functionality of your Morpheus P2P client with particular emphasis on enhancing download speeds. No need to worry about having to do anything or having special knowledge – after simply installing it, the program takes care of the task itself due to an impeccable integration into the original file sharing software.This is like adding a turbo engine to your ride! Morpheus Super Accelerator comes with no cost from your part since it feeds on extremely low resources and requires no attention running discreetly in the background (system tray icon). The interface is neat and displays all the data you need to always master your downloads. FEATURES: * automatically resumes paused downloads; * interface is pleasant and very easy to use; * automatically clears downloaded and wrong files; * operable by system tray icon for quicker and easier use; * automatically searches for more sources at user-specified intervals; * saves configurations from last run and auto loads on start-up.




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