[FT]-Remove Windows 7 "Not Genuine" Alerts!

Posted by download in Software on 22-10-2010

Did you get a copy of Windows 7 online but now keep getting those annoying "This is not a genuine copy" messages! Me too!!

I used this software to remove the Windows Genuine Advantage program.

Chew-WGA was designed to test the security resistance of various software protections built into Windows 6.1.x operating systems, and is intended for educational purposes only. It works by making certain changes to the software protection platform and the multilingual user interface resources. This utility should never be executed on a system intended for continual use. If you want to use your copy of Windows continually, you are required to purchase a license.

* All-language compatibility
* Works on Windows 7 all versions
* Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit file-systems
* No master boot record fiddling
* No risk of PC bricking
* Very reliable patching mechanism
* Windows updates work
* Doesn't use any keys
* Full uninstaller included
* Solid, clean, efficient coding
* Tamper resistant (protect by CGA - Chew Genuine Advantage seal)
* Hotfix resistant
* The most reliable chew-wga version yet

For more information read the instructions.


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