i-Catcher Console

Posted by download in Other, Software on 28-02-2010

Application details

i-Catcher allows you to build a full Digital CCTV system, with Motion Detection and alerting via email, SMS or the web, as well as Playback, archiving, scheduling, and web access features, including remote playback in a Web Browser, scaling from a single PC with a webcam to a multi-site solution covering dozens of cameras. i-Catcher integrates with existing CCTV systems, cabling and cameras as well as with IP Network and Wireless Cameras, ensuring you make best use of any existing investment, and offering complete flexibility in any new deployments or upgrades. Secure access to live and recorded footage is available from the Console, any PC on the premises' network or via the Internet. The flexibility of this system, combined with the motion detection features, means it has found a wide range of uses outside that of traditional CCTV systems, such as the teaching of Control Systems at Key Stage 3, and wildlife monitoring, especially the monitoring of birdboxes. What's new in Console 3.3: Control of PTZ cameras and some other Console functions by Joystick i-Catcher Vista Gadget now included in setup New iPhone-compatible web interface iPEG Streaming format for live views increases viewing Frame rate Local login system to allow the Console to be locked or restricted access Click-to-move now available for PTZ cameras during live web view Inverted motion detection




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