[Multi] Working Mastercam X3 WIN7 x64

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Working Mastercam X3 WIN7 x64

Working Mastercam X3 WIN7 x64 | 595.91 MB

To install Mastercam X3 on Windows 7 x64

1) Uninstall previous installations of Mastercam

2) Uninstall all virtual usbdrivers from device manager

3) Delete C:\Windows\System32\drivers\vusbbus.sys

4) Run delete_old_emuls.bat

5) Delete mcamx directory

6) Disable Internet Connection

7) Using administrative priviledges; install mastercamx3-web.exe

8) IMPORTANT ! ! ! Select "HASP" not NetHASP (version X4 is different)

9) Copy *****_X3.exe to [install drive]:\mcamx\

10) Using administrative priviledges; run *****_X3.exe (8 bytes should be written)

11) Run mastercamx3.reg

12) Open up the "Run" dialog and type hdwwiz (this is the install hardware wizard)

13) Select to install hardware manually

14) Choose "Show All Devices"

15) Select "Have Disk"

16) Navigate to the "USB-Emul_Win64" folder and select "vusbbus.inf"

NOTE: Windows may warn you that the driver is not digitally signed - install it anyways.

NOTE: You may get an error that says that the driver is not working properly because it's not digitally signed. Ignore this and go on .

18) Run the Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider (dseo13b.exe)

19) Select "Enable Test Mode" and hit next.

20) Select "Sign a system file" and hit next

21) Type in "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\vusbbus.sys" in the dialog box (no quotes)

22) Restart your computer

23)Upon restart, you should see a system tray notification that your new device has been sucessfully installed.

24) You can open the Control Panel and go to the Device Manager and navigate to "System Devices" and view the Virtual Usb Bus Enumerator to verify that it is working properly (without yellow exclaimation mark)

25) Also, you can go to "Programs - Mastercam X3 - HASP X" and you should be able to verify that you have a "Dealer" type license serial #2313 with the following options enabled:

Mastercam X Mill Level 3
Mastercam X Lathe Level 1
Mastercam X Wire Level 2
Mastercam X Design
Mastercam X Solids
Mastercam X Router Pro
Mastercam X Art
Mastercam X FiveAxis
Mastercam X MMT

Start and end dates should be "unlimited"

This is very good.

26) Go ahaead and start Mastercam X3 on your Win7 X64. Did you remember to add more RAM? I mean what's the point of running x64 OS without a shitload of RAM?

27) FYI: you may wish to delete the ***** from the install directory.

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