Foobar2000 1.1.1 beta 2 /

Posted by download in Software on 24-10-2010

Application details

foobar2000 is an advanced freeware Audio Player for the Windows platform. Some of the basic features include full unicode support, ReplayGain support and native support for several popular audio formats. Main features Supported audio formats: MP3, MP4, AAC, CD Audio, WMA, Vorbis, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Musepack, Speex, AU, Snd... and more with additional components. Gapless Playback. Full unicode support. Easily customizable user interface layout. Advanced tagging capabilities. Support for ripping Audio CDs as well as transcoding all supported audio formats using the Converter component. Full ReplayGain support. Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts. Open component architecture allowing third-party developers to extend functionality of the player. 1.1 * New component installation and automatic updating functionality. Optional components are now installed into user's profile folder, allowing different components installed for different users on one system. * Entirely new Converter user interface. * Reworked appearance of various Preferences pages and other utility dialogs. * Improved ID3v2 tag writing standard compliance. * Improved Matroska compliance.




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