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Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium v14.3.1 | 396 Mb

WhatsUp Gold is a powerful monitoring & management solution, designed to easily manage networks of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. It's tried, tested, and proven on networks just like yours – thousands of them.

With WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition, you get:
High-performance predictive monitoring of networks, systems, applications, and services, including wireless networks
Over 200+ network and infrastructure reports providing real, actionable intelligence
An industrial strength management architecture using the most advanced standards (SNMP v1-3, TCP, ICMP, SSH) available
Comprehensive out-of-the box support for WMI, supporting complete Windows service monitoring*
Agentless monitoring for Unix and Linux systems using SSH*
Integrated application (MS Exchange, NT Services, and MS SQL) monitoring capabilities delivering critical process and performance analytics*
Rich capability for synthetic transaction monitoring ensuring application performance and integrity
The industry’s leading alert management platform, featuring easy to use alarms, alerts and notification capabilities for real-time operations support
Split second graphs and InstantInfo feature supporting real-time troubleshooting activities*
A highly flexible, automated, and comprehensive network discovery and mapping platform
Quick navigation with intuitive Web and Windows consoles, which provide 360° visibility
Air-tight security and configurable role-based management
A platform installed in just minutes and designed to be simple and intuitive to use right out of the box.

Discovers IP based network devices and maps them
Allows for manual input of non-standard IP devices and virtualized devices
Includes full SNMP and WMI monitoring out of the box without the need for agents
Notifies you of state changes for all or specific device, interface or process monitors
Includes Drag and Drop MIB support for all SNMP and WMI devices and applications
Gathers real-time and trending network information for technical and business reporting
Uses the concept of a workspace to focus the busy admin on what is important
Is the Industry’s best web application for remote, mobile administrators

Power Forward with WhatsUp Gold 14.2:

This is one release that we know you’ll love! It’s packed with features that were on the top of the list for many of you. And it’s designed to make WhatsUp Gold and its plug-ins even more intuitive, user friendly and a time saver - with enhanced automation, reliability and expanded coverage for managing your network, server and application infrastructure.

Business Hour Reporting
Need to provide SLA reports based on specific Business Hours to your customers or your management? WhatsUp Gold now makes it easy to set up multiple sets of Business Hours as required and apply them to Group and System reports. Business Hour settings are easily accessible from the date range picker on these reports.

Scheduled PDF Reports
Need to easily share reports with your management and business counterparts? You can now email PDF versions of reports on the fly or schedule them for regular delivery directly from an individual report or workspace page. All scheduled PDF reports can be managed via the WhatsUp Gold web interface.

Need visualization for multiple CPU, disk or memory utilizations on a single performance chart? WhatsUp Gold now provides just that with the added flexibility of dynamically including or excluding any of the components as you need.

New SMS Alerts
Want to receive Alert Center messages when you are away from your computer or email? WhatsUp Gold now supports SMS alerts directly to your phone from Alert Center. And it comes with the capability for customizing the SMS message for e.g. with “percent variable” information so that you know how to respond.
Agentless Unix and Linux Monitoring with SSH

Looking for a truly agentless method for monitoring your Unix or Linux systems? WhatsUp Gold offers three new ways to monitor and manage Unix/Linux systems –a new Active Monitor, a Performance Monitor and a new Action type. Using the built-in SSH credentials, WhatsUp Gold can log into the Unix/Linux systems and execute a command. The command output is checked against the expected response to assess success / failure for an Active Monitor, or numerical outputs are stored and graphed over time in the Performance Monitor. New Action types enable you run custom scripts on an on-demand or scheduled basis as required.
Introduced in version 14.2

Announcing two NEW WhatsUp Gold Plug-ins:

The WhatsVirtual plugin enables the automatic discovery and mapping of VMware ESX/ESXi host and guest (virtual) machine roles. Visual maps show the connections between the host system and its associated virtual machines, even those in suspended modes.

WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager
WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager delivers increased reliability to your management efforts with the automatic, bi-directional failover of the WhatsUp Gold v14.2 platform through a redundant architecture of Primary and Secondary WhatsUp Gold servers. When the Primary is unable to continue monitoring or encounters failure in component services, Failover Manager ensures automatic transfer of monitoring responsibility to the Secondary system. Failover Manager works with all WhatsUp Gold versions.

Powerful Enhancements for Existing WhatsUp Gold Plug-ins:

Flow Monitor - Expanded Flow Protocol Support
Flow Monitor now offers expanded support for the IPFIX protocol as well as for Cisco ASA firewalls (Cisco calls it NetFlow Security Event Logging or NSEL). With existing support for NetFlow, J-Flow and sFlow formats, this expands Flow Monitor support to nearly all flow enabled devices.

95th Percentile Reporting
Many service providers charge for bandwidth on the 95th percentile basis – also called the burstable billing method. Flow Monitor now offers an easy way to monitor your 95th percentile bandwidth consumption from within the Interface Overview report.

WhatsConfigured - Policy Based Monitoring
Policy based monitoring allows you to define a policy in WhatsConfigured that will be audited whenever device configurations are backed-up. Policies can also be verified on-demand against existing configuration back-ups. And if a configuration back-up fails the policy audit – you will immediately get notified.

Custom Script Import/Export
As a WhatsConfigured user you may have created many custom tasks to collect selected configuration information from your devices. Now with custom script import/export capability you can easily share these custom task settings within the community portal. Moreover, custom tasks can now be run on demand – so that you can quickly verify/backup selected configuration information when you need to.

Global Configuration Search
Global search allows you to search any or all of the configuration files that are stored in the WhatsConfigured database. The search can be performed against a single device or all devices and even be limited to only a selected number of last archive updates.

WhatsConnected - Auto Device Dependencies
WhatsConnected now supports the option for automatic creation of device dependencies when exporting to WhatsUp Gold. This capability automatically populates device maps and sets up polling dependencies based on this information within WhatsUp Gold.

Scheduled Layer 2 Discovery
You can now run scheduled Layer 2 discovery with WhatsConnected at regular intervals keeping your network information up to date. As scheduled discoveries are run, they automatically update the discovery files with new connectivity information.

Powerful New Reporting
WhatsConnected now includes three new out-of-the box reports for comprehensive insight into network assets and their dependencies –
The Asset/Inventory report provides a view of the assets discovered by WhatsConnected as well as tools to sort and filter the assets that appear in the view.
The Device Connectivity report provides a list of the devices connected to a network device as well as tools to sort and filter the assets that appear in the view.
The new Bridge Port Utilization report provides a view of port usage (total available and used) on networking equipment.

WhatsUp Gold v14.3 offers many new capabilities:

* Pre-configured views tailored to support common tasks such as remote site management, active, passive or performance management for rapid time to value
* Easy copying of existing monitoring settings to new devices for faster deployment and time to value
* Consolidated report views on all monitors for a device, or, for all devices per monitor for improved usability
* Multiple changes to database storage, optimization and querying techniques for marked performance improvements
* Added support for standard SQL clustering to enable enterprise level data resiliency
* New SMS alerts with more information on affected devices to enable faster troubleshooting and resolution

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