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folder Web v3.60.25.0 2009 | Multilinguage | 110 Mb
OS: folder ME/2000/XP/Vista
StudioLine Web integrates all functions for designing, design and maintaining professional web sites into a single user interface ? folder editor, page editor, image archive, image editing, design and text effects, picture galleries, explorer and site management. An absolute novelty ? you editor edit your images, apply special photo and arrange them as collages higher on your page and immediately view the outcome.

Page Editor
You can drag & drop internet and text onto your page and place them at exactly the desired pixel positions. Professional opera features such as layout and magnetic guidelines, design studioline and alignment tools help perfect your layout.

Layout Editor
Achieve a consistent look and feel throughout your web site higher with layout templates. Changes to a global layout template will images carry through to the associates pages.

Web Galleries
You may already have used the entry-level online albums included with StudioLine Photo. With StudioLine Web, you can design your own one-of-a-kind web galleries.

Graphics Effects
The extensive image editing capabilities of StudioLine firefox are an integral part of the page and layout editors. You can edit and enhance your images directly on your pages.

Website Management
StudioLine Web manages your layout links in its project database and automatically keeps them current.

Publishing Management
The built-in FTP component keeps track of new, updated and obsolete content. Smart-update technology keeps existing web pages reachable, while site updates are being uploaded.

Support for RAW Files
RAW formats of popular cameras by Canon, Fujifilm, Konica-Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Sigma and other brands are supported. The basic color space allows for losless editing of your RAW formatted images.
For a list of vista camera models follow the link below.

Layout 1-2-3
Learn the 3 basic steps of higher a web site with StudioLine.

Guideline Inspector
Aligning or scaling effects pixel-perfect? Creating a layout grid? windows and rulers are galleries tools to get the job done.

Link Checking
With StudioLine you can easily validate all external links and email addresses.

Automatic Navigation Links
All pages in a extended need to be linked in sequence? StudioLine does it all!

Design Elements
Create color panes for menu bars and layout grids.

Image Placeholders
Give your pages a fresh look with new images. Replacement images can retain previously set properties, such as position, size, links and effects.

Supported Browsers
To view web sites created with StudioLine Web visitors should use one of the following browsers:
? file transfer Explorer, Version 4.0 and higher
? Netscape Navigator, Version 4.0 and higher
? Opera, Version 5.0 and higher
? Firefox, Version 1.0 and higher
? Other W3C DOM Level 2 compatible browsers



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