Date and Time Calculator

Posted by download in Software on 24-10-2010

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Here are just a few things you can do with Date and Time Calculator. Add and subtract dates Add and subtract time intervals Find difference Between two dates Find out Moon phase information for any date Get detailed information for any date (julian day, day in year, week in year, etc) Learn interesting facts about your birth date Perform various common calculations with dates and time intervals, such as finding out the exact difference between ages of two people Find out your due date with Due Date Calculator tool Easily work with the results of your calculations - with just one mouse click you can use the result in a new calculation Much, much more! Here are some of the features of Date and Time Calculator. Precise date selection - you can specify the exact date - up to the second Precise time interval selection - specify time intervals up to the second Two ways to set time intervals: enter seconds, minutes, hours, and days; or enter the total number of either seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, or years Common calculations selector will let you easily perform common calculations, such as determining the exact difference between two persons' ages Helper Bar will guide through all calculations and provide help when you need it Due Date Calculator will help you determine due date(s) Clipboard support - easily copy calculation results and other information to clipboard Detailed date information - moon phase information, julian day number, etc Easy date selection - many tools to let you specify the exact date you want in as few clicks as possible Birth Date Informer will show you interesting facts about your birth date Calculations Log that stores all calculations and their results Zero learning curve required - program features descriptive tool tips that explain what different options are for Much, much more!




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