MSN Pictures Displayer

Posted by download in Software on 24-10-2010

Application details

Animate your display pictures on MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger (WLM), Create your own customized slideshows and share them with your friends! Choose the display delay ; crop, cut, and resize your pictures instantanly and add a comment for each one so as to display it to all your contacts. An help Movie is included to show you how to use MSN Pictures Displayer. Each user can translate the software in his own language! MSN Pictures Displayer can manage different slideshows if many Messenger accounts are installed on your computer. Synchronize MSN Pictures Displayer with Messenger (when start and quit), using Messenger Plus! Live script (script included in software). You'll find hundreds slideshows and backgrounds on official website : . You can install an update checker to verify twice a month if there are some updates on the website.




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