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Posted by download in Software on 30-10-2010

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Japanese Learning Software Type and skip: Now there is this kanji and you have seen it before but you are not sure.. could mean this or that or something else. Type it in and you know if you are right or not. There is no grey-area once you type it in - and that's the fastest way to learn. And once you have mastered it, skip it. Optional romaji and furigana: Romaji and furigana are great to make your first Steps in Japanese. You can learn romaji in an hour (You know, what "Sushi" means, right?) and hiragana and katakana in a couple of days - and then you can already start building your vocabulary. Want to Focus on kanji? Turn them off. Simple. JLPT word-lists: Detailed lists for all JLPT test levels are built into the 2000-Kanji software. All the words are clearly structured by test; select your level with One Click and off you go. The lists contain not only the official recommendations but also a lot of extra-words that appeared in previous tests. Kyoiku-Joyo word lists: The Joyo kanji are the 1945 kanji recommended by the Japanese Ministry of Education. Japanese children learn these kanji in school and now you can learn them too. The preinstalled word-lists contain all 1006 Kyoiku kanji and all 939 secondary school kanji clearly structured by school-grade with at least one word (usually more) for every kanji. Selected Words: Another new set of Japanese word lists. Everything pre-installed and ready to run. Mix lists: There are some words like "小学校" tcchat are in every book and on every list - with the 2000-Kanji software you can work through overlapping lists, say JLPT and Joyo, without learning these words twice. The software filters out what you already know and you can focus on the new words.




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