O&O SafeErase Professional 12.0.34

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O&O SafeErase Professional is a security application that is built specifically to help users delete data in a secure manner from their computer, in order that it may not be recovered using specialized tools. O&O SafeErase Professional has a clean and straightforward interface, which allows you to scan your computer for any files, which contain ...

WordPress 4.9.2 Security and Maintenance Release

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WordPress 4.9.2 is now available. This is a security and maintenance release for all versions since WordPress 3.7. We strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately.

An XSS vulnerability was discovered in the Flash fallback files in MediaElement, a library that is included with WordPress. Because the Flash files are no longer needed for most use cases, they have been removed from WordPress.

MediaElement has released a new version that contains a fix for the bug, and a WordPress plugin containing the fixed files is available in the plugin repository.

Thank you to the reporters of this issue for practicing responsible security disclosureEnguerran Gillier and Widiz.

21 other bugs were fixed in WordPress 4.9.2. Particularly of note were:

  • JavaScript errors that prevented saving posts in Firefox have been fixed.
  • The previous taxonomy-agnostic behavior of get_category_link() and category_description() was restored.
  • Switching themes will now attempt to restore previous widget assignments, even when there are no sidebars to map.

The Codex has more information about all of the issues fixed in 4.9.2, if you'd like to learn more.

Download WordPress 4.9.2 or venture over to Dashboard → Updates and click "Update Now." Sites that support automatic background updates are already beginning to update automatically.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to WordPress 4.9.2:

0x6f0, Aaron Jorbin, Andrea Fercia, Andrew Duthie, Andrew Ozz, Blobfolio, Boone Gorges, Caleb Burks, Carolina Nymark, chasewg, Chetan Prajapati, Dion Hulse, Hardik Amipara, ionvv, Jason Caldwell, Jeffrey Paul, Jeremy Felt, Joe McGill, johnschulz, Juhi Patel, Konstantin Obenland, Mark Jaquith, Nilambar Sharma, Peter Wilson, Rachel Baker, Rinku Y, Sergey Biryukov, and Weston Ruter.

Total HTML Converter

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Total HTML Converter is a useful little app that can batch convert HTML files to DOC, PDF, HTML, XHTML, TXT, XLS, RTF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, ODT, EMF, or SVG file formats. The app is not limited to HTML only as the input file though, it also supports MHT, HTM, and XHTML. All this can done through a standard explorer style user interface or via the com...

Aliphia 1.0.1 invoicing and accounting management

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Aliphia 1.0.1 invoicing and accounting management

Aliphia 1.0.1  invoicing and accounting management

Aliphia is a cloudbased invoicing and accounting software developed and marketed by Sahih Business. We’ve been building original software destined for SME since 2011 our company believes that innovation comes by hand with a problem solving. That’s why we started Aliphia to help Arab businesses succeed in the MENA region by providing the right tools in their native language. ....



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[ Download Aliphia invoicing and accounting management 1.0.1 ]

Aliphia 1.0.1 invoicing and accounting management 請求および会計管理

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Aliphia 1.0.1 invoicing and accounting management 請求および会計管理

Aliphia 1.0.1  invoicing and accounting management 請求および会計管理

Aliphiaは、Sahih Businessによって開発、販売されたクラウドベースの請求書発行および会計ソフトウェアです。私たちは2011年から中小企業向けのオリジナルソフトウェアを構築していましたが、当社は革新が問題解決の手で行われると考えています。だからこそ私たちはAliphiaを始めました。アラビアの企業がMENA地域で成功するためには、適切なツールを母国語で提供することができます。私たちは、新技術をビジネスに統合する企業や個人が他の競合他社よりも進歩していることを確信しています。市場に参入する可能性が高くなります。クラウドコンピューティングは現在、ITサービスの仕組みに革命をもたらしています。モロッコで2013年に設立されたAliphiaは、この地域のサービスとして最も成長しているソフトウェアです。私たちはサウジアラビア、クウェート、ヨルダン、リビア市場の王国をリードしており、アラブ首長国連邦、エジプト、モロッコ、トルコの市場に多く存在しています。Aliphia Online Accountsプログラムは、中小企業や個人起業家を対象としています。このアプリケーションはクラウドコンピューティング技術に基づいており、高い実装技術を備えているため、世界のどこからでも、同時に何千ものお客様のニーズを満たすことができます。サプライヤーとの関係を管理する優れたオンライン調達プログラムです。購買発注を作成して請求書に変換し、すべての購入を店舗に追加し、購入および販売価格を記録し、数量を指定し、各製品の購入および販売を追跡することができます。調達に関する分析レポートの作成を目的としています。Aliphiaは、請求書を収集し、顧客に時間をかけて請求書を払うように促すのに役立つ、統合された機能とツールを備えた強力なプラットフォームです。取り扱いが簡単な課金デザインとユーザーフレンドリーなインターフェイスが特徴です。プログラムをユーザーに近づけるために、モバイルアプリケーションが開始され、ユーザーはいつでもどこからでも会社のプロセスを監視できます。 ....




[ ダウンロード Aliphia invoicing and accounting management 1.0.1 ]

The WordPress.com Year in Review (and Resolutions for 2018)

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Some years go by slowly — not because they’re busier, but maybe there’s just more out there in the world to stop and notice. We hope the WordPress.com and Jetpack community offered you some of those moments this year.

Maybe it was a helpful chat with someone on our Happiness team, or maybe you discovered a cool new feature that made business or blogging even easier. Perhaps you read something on WordPress.com that inspired you. We just want to say thanks for being here, and we’re excited to see what you all accomplish in 2018 and beyond.

Below are some highlights from the year in WordPress.com — and make sure you check out WordPress.com Discover to see more favorite moments from 2017. Happy New Year!

Viral Hits and Notable Moments

• TIME, powered by WordPress.com VIP, announced its Person of the Year — The Silence Breakers.

• WordPress.com blogger Hospey used an online resume to score an internship with Chance the Rapper:

• Baby Ellie became the youngest person to thru-hike all 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail! She made the trip with her mom Bekah and her dad Derrick, who wrote about their adventure.

• One user got a nice surprise: JK Rowling tweeted their blog post:

• Robert E. Kelly and his family became worldwide celebrities when his appearance on the BBC was interrupted by his children. “We are just a regular family, and raising two young children can be a lot of work. Because of that, it seems that the video has resonated with parents around the world,” he wrote on his blog.

• Over at Longreads, Laurie Penny wrote the site’s most popular story of the year — The Unforgiving Minute.

• We wished a happy 11th anniversary to Smitten Kitchen, one of the web’s most popular and longest-running food blogs.

• INFJoe, the cartoon persona of artist and blogger Aaron Caycedo-Kimura, released his book Text, Don’t Call: An Illustrated Guide to the Introverted Life.

The Year in Building Your Business

This year we worked to make it even easier to create the perfect website for business and ecommerce — from fashion to fitness, salons to school fundraisers.

In March we introduced unlimited themes for Premium and Business plan users so you can experiment with more designs — including the new Radcliffe 2 theme for small business. We made it easy for you to collaborate in Google Docs and publish straight to WordPress.com and Jetpack-powered sites. In May we launched Business plan support for third-party plugins and themes, giving you total control over customizing and monetizing your site:

Of course, no website is an island: it’s more important than ever to distribute your blog posts and pages across social media, so in July we introduced social media scheduling, allowing you to plan tweets and Facebook posts far in advance and resurface popular posts from your archives:

social scheduling

Then in August, we made it even easier to earn money from your site with the new Simple Payment feature:

To top it all off, we teamed up with Rebrand Cities to bring 10,000 small businesses online, and we partnered with inspiring folks like Creative Mornings and legendary designers like Michael Bierut and Marian Bantjes to create new sites with students in Appalachia as part of Project A3.

The Year in Photos (and Making It Easier to Post the Perfect Shot)

You published some incredible images and illustrations in 2017! Take a look:

Ascending the Andes

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb – Nelson Mandela.” Thirdeyemom ascended the Andes, and captured this stunning photograph.

Illustrations by Jeremy Graboyes

We fell in love with the illustrated work of Jeremy Graboyes, a Washington, D.C.-based artist who specializes in pen-and-ink and watercolor.

Child laborers of Bangladesh

Photographer Sophia Hsin documented the child laborers of Bangladesh. The Vancouver-based Hsin is using the project to raise awareness among consumers about how some products enter their food chain.

Street photography in Puerto Rico

Omar Z. Robles brought dance and street photography together. Robles captures moments with dancers around the world, from the streets of Cuba to Hong Kong. (Above: dancer Courtney Stohlton in Puerto Rico.)

We also wanted to simplify the process of sharing your gorgeous images: You can now connect your Google Photos account and insert images straight from Google, as well as export photos from Lightroom straight to WordPress.com.

The Year in Publishing on the Go

mobile apps

Photoblogging is even better with a world-class mobile app. We made a ton of improvements to WordPress for iOS and Android, with a brand new editor, new features to manage your site, and a whole lot more.

A Warm Welcome to WordPress!

Did you know that nearly 30% of all sites on the internet are powered by WordPress? Here’s just a small sampling of the new sites we welcomed to WordPress.com, Jetpack, and WordPress.com VIP in 2017:

Resolutions for 2018

We resolve to keep working to make the web a better place — and work with all of you in the WordPress.com community to keep building your dreams.

What do you want to accomplish in the coming year? Tell us in the comments.

The Month in WordPress: December 2017

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Activity slowed down in December in the WordPress community, particularly in the last two weeks. However, the month started off with a big event and work pushed forward in a number of key areas of the project. Read on to find out more about what transpired in the WordPress community as 2017 came to a close.

WordCamp US 2017 Brings the Community Together

The latest edition of WordCamp US took place last month in Nashville on December 1-3. The event brought together over 1,400 WordPress enthusiasts from around the world, fostering a deeper, more engaged global community.

While attending a WordCamp is always a unique experience, you can catch up on the sessions on WordPress.tv and look through the event photos on Facebook to get a feel for how it all happened. Of course, Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word talk is always one of the highlights at this event.

The next WordCamp US will be held in Nashville again in 2018, but if you would like to see it hosted in your city in 2019 and 2020, then you have until February 2 to apply.

WordPress User Survey Data Is Published

Over the last few years, tens of thousands of WordPress users all over the world have filled out the annual WordPress user survey. The results of that survey are used to improve the WordPress project, but that data has mostly remained private. This has changed now and the results from the last three surveys are now publicly available for everyone to analyze.

The data will be useful to anyone involved in WordPress since it provides a detailed look at who uses WordPress and what they do with it — information that can help inform product development decisions across the board.

New WordPress.org Team for the Tide Project

As announced at WordCamp US, the Tide project is being brought under the WordPress.org umbrella to be managed and developed by the community.

Tide is a series of automated tests run against every plugin and theme in the directory to help WordPress users make informed decisions about the plugins and themes that they choose to install.

To get involved in developing Tide, jump into the #tide channel in the Making WordPress Slack group, and follow the Tide team blog.

Further Reading:

If you have a story we should consider including in the next “Month in WordPress” post, please submit it here.