Internet Evidence Finder

Posted by download in Other, Software on 04-04-2010

Application details

The Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) searches the selected drive, folder (and sub-folders, optionally), or file (memory dumps, pagefile.sys, hiberfil.sys, etc) for Internet artifacts. It can currently find Facebook Live Chat messages and page Fragments, MSN/Windows Live Messenger chat, Yahoo! chat, Yahoo! WebMail chat, GoogleTalk chat, Gmail email, LimeWire ver 5.3.6 Search History, Limewire.props files, IE8 InPrivate/Recovery URLs, Yahoo! Messenger Group Chat, Yahoo! Webmail email, Hotmail Webmail email, AOL Instant Messenger chat logs, Messenger Plus! chat logs, MySpace chat, Bebo chat, and non-encrypted Yahoo! Messenger chat. Depending on the items selected, IEF creates a report containing the search results or creates individual files containing the data found.




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