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Application details

Vectir is a smart and user friendly PC Remote Control application. With support for a range of devices and applications, Vectir is an ideal home and business solution. Use your mobile phone to control PowerPoint presentations at work and then control your Media Player when you get home. Start controlling your PC straight away with pre-loaded support for Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, PowerPoint, Mouse and Volume. Vectir also makes it easy to adjust existing behavior suited to your own personal requirements. Change font sizes and colors, add new commands and choose which keys on your phone control selected features. With the help of keyboard commands, you can add basic remote control support for virtually any application running on your PC! Vectir 2.2 The Ultimate PC Remote Control Solution * WiFi or Bluetooth Remote Control from your mobile phone * IR Remote Control with USB-UIRT support * Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes and PowerPoint support * Remotely browse playlists and select songs * View and control your computers desktop from your phone * Use your phone as a wireless keyboard * Keyboard, Mouse and Volume control * Design your own remote profiles and skins * Windows XP, Vista & 7 support (32/64 bit) * Free to try for 30 days!




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