Posted by download in Software on 30-10-2010

Application details

Make topmost window from your favourite Application! Joupper is a win32 (Windows 7, Windows XP, ...) application. A tool which fix any type of win32 or win64 application at the top of the screen in z-order (so called topmost window). You can work now more comfortable with two (or more) windows without minimalizing, adjusting, ordering... Joupper was written in C. It is small. Only 41,5 kb. Really very low system resources is required. No extra task is started in the background by Joupper v1.1. It is only a normal windows user timer started, and called in every 250 ms. For manage topmost main and topmost child windows (It is like a normal window with modeless dialogs... See Details in 'How to use:' in this page). You shouldn't close the Joupper. If you close Joupper the managing of main and child window will stop. But the last topmost windows (normal or child) will keep the topmost attribute (as a normal topmost window). Changes: * New function: * Topmost main and topmost child windows sets (It is like a normal window with modeless dialogs... ) * Same enhancements, bugfixes: * Only one Joupper can be started at the same time * Thumb tack remover sends a window in the background * The Progman and the Taskbar can not be selected already * The dragging of icons is corrected * The Focus rectangle is thicker.




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