Qimage Ultimate

Posted by download in Software on 02-11-2010

Application details

Qimage Ultimate doesn't just build upon the existing Qimage as a solid foundation,it is brand new software with a fresh user interface and powerful new features! Quality features synonymous with the Qimage name: # Optimal photo quality resolution for every printer and print size (see sidebar) # Print multiple pictures easily with mixed sizes on each page Plus new features that put the "Ultimate" in Qimage Ultimate: # New User Interface: redesigned to be both efficient and user friendly # Lightning Raw: The Power of raw, the speed of a JPEG! (see below) # Award winning FlashPipe built in: for efficient flash card data downloading # EXIF transfers: no more lost EXIF data: EXIF is retained in all JPEG/TIFF files # Simple email based registration/updates: no more unlock codes! # Fast track updates: Most proactive updates and fixes in the industry # One full year of free updates: discounted updates after the first year.




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