NEWT Professional

Posted by download in Software on 02-11-2010

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Network inventory has never been easier. While many competitors rely exclusively on agentless methods crippled by remote registry and WMI misconfiguration issues, slow operation (single threaded) or high bandwidth usage (multithreaded), NEWT® Professional uses a sophisticated light-weight (500KB) client automatically deployed to remote machines without any user intervention, providing a much FASTER scan of 100 machines in less than 5 minutes. This technique is similar to those employed by DameWare, VNC and other Remote Administration tools. In Combination with our unique "SimulScan" multithreaded technology, NEWT® Professional can act like an agentless solution to the user while having many agent-based benefits. By Default, clients remain on machines for a specified number of days for even faster scanning and automatically remove themselves without any user intervention. Zero Footprint options are also available. On the other hand, many products that do use software agents require hours or even days of set up time, need 2MB or larger footprints or use a lot of bandwidth during deployment. With NEWT® Professional one only needs to pick one or many computers and click the "Scan" button. This method gathers information just minutes after downloading. Once you try it, we doubt you'll never look back. It's a true install-and-go solution. NEWT® Professional Features: •Robust fully multithreaded IP Discovery provides virtually unlimited number of IP ranges, reliable IP detection and identification of PC and non-PC devices such as network printers, routers through an internal database. •NEW multithreaded network inventory methods allow over 200 items to be retrieved accurately from 100 machines in less than 5 minutes from the first installation. Subsequent scans are faster, and Scan Speed settings allow even faster inventory. The unique status display provides satisfying feedback of the scan Progress.




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