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Application details

WorkTime is a project tracking and PC usage tracking software.WorkTime tracks projects, applications, documents, web-sites, computer games.Intuitive & powerful. Doesn't dominate your Workspace. Doesn't interrupt your work. Track employees time, track remote and laptop employees. Deploy WorkTime in your local network. Monitor WEB usage. Analyze reports conveniently. Features: PC Usage Tracking - WorkTime tracks applications and documents usage, visited web-sites, games and time spent for every activity on the PC. Project Tracking - WorkTime tracks time spent working on projects. WorkTime project tracking works automatically in the background without interrupting your work. Time Tracking - WorkTime tracks time spent in applications, documents, web-sites and computer games. Activities Recording - With WorkTime you can record activities you perform while working: meetings, conference calls, paperwork and more. Network Support - WorkTime can track computers in local area network when data from all computers is saved to one server database. Hidden Time Tracking (Invisible) - WorkTime can track time invisible to users: without displaying any icons, windows, messages and without playing any sounds. Reports - WorkTime proposes various reports to analyze tracked data. Reports can be exported to CSV, XLS, PDF and to more other formats. Notes - You can add notes about your work to keep track of what exactly you were working on at certain period of time. Quick Work - WorkTime does not dominate your desktop space and at the same time all necessary information and functionality can be accessed very quickly without interrupting your work.




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