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Application details

Minder was developed to be a store of information about friends and relatives, that could be easily viewed and edited. A user should be able to produce reports, lists, and labels without having to learn a full-size database application (like Access, FoxPro, Paradox). It would have a ready-built search engine, be easy to learn, and also sold at low cost. The result is a small but powerful application that is not intrusive on your computer, works in all versions of Windows from 98 to Vista, is simple to load, and easy to uninstall. For the more technical, it has a small footprint: no files are loaded in the Windows or System folders, and un-installation leaves no redundant files. If you are not familiar with databases, here's a Brief. Each name, address etc makes up a record, like one card in a card index. Each record can be seen as an individual card or as a row in a table. One record will hold Details of name, address, 'phones etc., each stored in a separate field. The fields are like lines on a record card, and are also seen as columns on the table. In Minder, you can switch Between a record card and the table. What is it useful for? Its first job for the developer was to print an up to date phone list to replace the heavily-edited half-readable object pinned next to the phone. Then (by using a "flag" field in selected records) it printed labels for Christmas Cards. The next annoying problem it sorted was the out-of-date address section in pocket diaries. It can produce pages for A5 (about 6 x 8") diaries and FiloFaxes (you will need a punch). More formats are being added as the program is developed. Minder is used everyday to find addresses and phone numbers fast. Got a text from someone not stored in your phone? Put the number (or part of it) into the Search Box and get a new list of records with that phone number. There is only one file - it can be used for your doctor, dentist, police, council office etc. Small businesses can use it to store other




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