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Application details

TudZu is a the perfect software to backup and exchange your Multimedia files with your friends and family on a private network. Create your own group or be invite in a group, create albums to share your files, or subscribe to allowed albums, select files you want to protect in the groups and your files will be backed up automatically on the groups Cloud storage. If you are the administrator of the group, you can banish your guests at any time. All groups are private and separate, you can be in multiple groups at the same time, share different contents and apply authorisation for each users On your network, you'll be exchanging files in a peer2peer connection (directly from a computer to another). Exchanged files are encrypted during the transfert and your backed up file are encrypted on the remote storage place. No data is sent to our server during or after the transfer. This architecture ensure a complete privacy and let you the entire responsability of the content being exchanged. You can backup or exchange as many files as you whish, whatever their size. Broken transfers automatically resume with no data loss. It's easy! - Create you TudZu account - Install TudZu on your computer, - Create your group or be invite in a group - TudZu Detect automatically multimedia files that need to be backed up - Create album, add files (movies, pictures, documents ...) in your album - Backups and exchanges are automatics and sent at the maxiumum speed - Broken exchanges automatically resume with no data loss. It's secure! - Only authorized users of your network can see the album you share. - When exchanging a file, on only the sender and the receiver are aware of the exchange. It's free! - All those features are included in the standard version and are totally free. - There is no size, speed, or file number limitation.




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