Swift To-Do List

Posted by download in Software on 12-11-2010

Application details

To-Do List Software with to-do list tree Organize your to do lists using hierarchical tree structure Drag & drop tasks around to easily organize them Print to do lists and export them to HTML or Excel Set reminders for tasks - never forget anything again Write notes (formatting supported) for each task Attach files, email addresses, links and folders to tasks Create multiple to do databases Import your data into Swift To-Do List Online Suitable both for personal and business use Swift To-Do List is an innovative to-do list software unlike any other. It is super easy and fun to use, flexible, yet very powerful. It has been designed to help you organize your tasks as efficiently as possible. Organize your task lists in a tree structure with icons, drag & drop tasks to change their order and organize them, setup reminders so you never forget anything again. Also, you will never have to think about how to do something with this piece of software, you will just be able to do it, because everything is very clear and intuitive. No need to learn anything. Just use it and be more organized, it's that simple with Swift To-Do List. Swift To-Do List enables you to export your tasks to HTML, CSV and XML formats. You can then import your data into the web-based edition of Swift To-Do List and access them from any computer connected to the internet. With Swift To-Do List Online, you can share your to-do lists, DeleGate tasks, send email reminders and much more. It's as easy to use as the original Swift To-Do List and requires no installation. Swift To-Do List supports multiple view modes. You can view all to do lists at once or to do list plus all lists under it or just the currently selected to do list. You can filter the displayed tasks, so only tasks with specified priorities will be displayed.




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