Wooweb-Pro V5

Posted by download in Software on 19-11-2010

Application details

WOOWEB-PRO V3 is a software router and firewall for professional Internet Sharing with content-filtering option.It allows an entire LAN to Connect to the Internet with high management and supervision of users, sites and connection times.The reporting firewall provides a strong protection to your computers.Two filtering systems based on key words and/or content categories allow you to keep undesirable sites outside your Intranet.You can block the access to pornographic, hate, violent contents, etc. with a simple mouse click. WOOWEB-PRO V3 accepts incoming connections, giving for example access from the Internet to your HTTP, FTP or VPN servers installed on your LAN.It can manage two physical connections, several ISPs and even choose automatically the best one depending on your setup.It provides full support of NetMeeting and MSN Messenger.No limitation of users.




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