Softros LAN Messenger

Posted by download in Software on 20-11-2010

Application details

Softros LAN Messenger is an easy-to-use LAN messaging application for effective intra-office communication. It does not require a server and is very easy to install. Softros LAN Messenger correctly identifies and works under Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista limited user accounts (without administrative privileges). Key features: * Instant messaging with LAN Chat ability Create chat rooms with multiple users conversation. * Secure LAN messaging - Save your Privacy All message exchanges are protected by the AES encryption Algorithm. * Group broadcast messages Notify all users or specified user groups about an event. * Offline messaging Send messages to users even when they are offline. No server or dedicated storage required. * File transmission Exchange documents with your colleagues with ease. * User grouping Arrange your colleagues in groups by business departments or titles. * Users rights limitation management Administrators can selectively restrict functions of Softros LAN Messenger for normal users. * Message logging Never lose your messages. * Serverless architecture You do not need to set up and maintain a dedicated messaging server on your corporate network. Our instant messaging tool is a stand-alone client application.




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