Indigo Scape Standard

Posted by download in Software on 21-11-2010

Application details

Indigo Scape Standard offers basic Internet Filtering and Content Control for Networks in an integrated package at an attractive price for small businesses. Perfect for restricting Internet access to networked computers systems and providing a rich user Interface with an Internet Console based and a Secure Web Browser. Key Features:- * Internet Filtering * Content Control * Network compatible A simple setup and installation typically has this product running in under five minutes. You can restrict access quickly and protect against pornography and harmful sites on the Internet with Internet Filtering and Content Control. Indigo Scape Standard is compatable with both Professional and Enterprise product versions. The Indigo Scape Internet Management System product line protects your business and computers from malicious users and improves profits through increased efficiency, user productivity and reduced support overhead. Standard products incorporate Network capabilities for businesses to give the best Combination of security, functionality and value for money.




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