Facebook Limiter

Posted by download in Software on 24-11-2010

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Block Facebook and limit facebook access with the most easiEST software called Facebook Limiter. Ultimate cheap solution for parents, small companies, individuals, schools...Now comes with feature to block utube as well. Comes with fully functional 7 days trial. Block facebook with our Facebook Limiter software: - Block facebook and utube access on your computer to anyone who uses it (Simple Lock) - Limit facebook and utube access to specific times during the week (e.g. Allow your kids to use facebook only one hour a day) (Time Lock) - Block facebook and utube access to yourself for specific time duration. In cases when you are too much distracted and want to be sure you will not get a chance to use facebook or utube. (Total Lock) Who needs Facebook Limiter software? - Parents who want to limit access to facebook and utube to their children - Schools and educational institutions who want to limit access to facebook - Small companies that want to limit access to facebook to their employees - Students who just want to block facebook in order to be able to study without being distracted. They want to block facebook from themselves. - Anyone else who just wants to control access to facebook from their computer Why to use Facebook Limiter? - It is cheap - It is incredibly simple to use. Limiting access with just One Click. - It will block access all major proxies that enable reaching facebook sites - It will Boost your productivity - It comes with 7 days of fully functional trial period - It is well tested and proven to work WinXP SP2, Vista, Window 7




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