How Art Catalyzes Change—Join Us for a Livestream Event on September 20

Posted by download in Software on 18-09-2023

On September 20th, at Automattic’s stunning Noho space, artist Ana Teresa Fernández and a panel of other leaders—including Cristina Gnecco, Co-Founder of HOPE Hydration, and Whitney McGuire, Esq., Director of Sustainability at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum—will gather to discuss and confront our current climate crisis. This unique evening aims to delve into the compelling intersections of art, climate change, and social innovation.

We’d love for all of you to join us virtually for this event via livestream, starting at 6:45pm ET. 

Held against the backdrop of Fernández’s incredible Under Pressure series, this event aims to spotlight how art and innovation can catalyze positive change. We hope to inspire attendees to become more than observers—to take their newfound insights to their communities and inspire collective action.

Here’s a statement about Under Pressure from Fernández’s website (which, of course, is powered by WordPress): 

Human beings have a hard time facing ugly truths. But what if an artist makes them beautiful? How then might we respond? Rather than turn away, would we change our ways, could we turn the tide against oncoming disaster? . . . 

Fernandez is not only an artist of stunning visual poetry, she is also an astute social activist. It is not guilt and shame that motivate people to be their best selves; it is inspiration, empowerment, and hope that remind us of how intrinsically we are all connected in thought and deed.

We hope to see you there at 6:45pm ET on Wednesday, September 20th!

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