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Automattic, WordPress’s parent company, is home to an unbeatable suite of publishing and small business tools. Jetpack, built into every site, offers performance, security, and growth tools. WooCommerce is trusted by more than 3.6 million online shops, making it the number-one open source ecommerce platform on the internet. And our very own hosting solutions at are ideal for freelancers, developers, and agencies alike. 

Today, we’re bringing all those services under one roof by launching a new program—one that gives agencies robust tools, dedicated support, and extensive resources so they can thrive like never before. Welcome to Automattic for Agencies

Boost your agency’s revenue by streamlining operations via new multi-site purchasing and management tools, opening new revenue streams with our robust referral program (which includes great bonuses and incentives), and enhancing your client offerings through re-selling a diverse range of services. With new volume discounts for hosting (more on that below), you can even save money while you take advantage of our unparalleled support and web infrastructure.

Table of contents

  1. What Automattic for Agencies offers 
    1. Elevated earnings
    2. A centralized dashboard for seamless operations
    3. Unparalleled integrated support
    4. Security and confidence with every update
  2. Discounts, incentives, and bonuses—oh my! 
  3. Who is this program for?
  4. Learn more about Automattic for Agencies 

What Automattic for Agencies offers 

Elevated earnings

As a valued member of our agency program, you’ll be able to refer and resell a suite of Automattic products from hosting to e-commerce solutions, and enjoy additional bonuses for certain products. You’ll have all the tools you need to supercharge your client’s websites and expand your revenue streams.

A centralized dashboard for seamless operations

Our all-in-one dashboard has been designed from the ground up for maximum efficiency. Simplify your billing and site management processes, purchase and resell products with flexible billing options, and manage multiple client sites with ease.

Unparalleled integrated support

Our integrated support system spans across the Automattic universe, providing your agency with consistent and cohesive technical help and driving faster project turnaround times.

Security and confidence with every update

Receive instant notifications about updates or security alerts, and apply those updates swiftly to maintain peak site performance and security.

Discounts, incentives, and bonuses—oh my! 

As a referrer of’s services, your agency will receive a 20% revenue share on new subscriptions and 50% on new migrations to from other hosting providers. And through the end of July 2024, we’re throwing in an additional $100 bonus for every referred migration. 

We’re also happy to introduce volume discounts on hosting. Discounts start when you purchase a minimum of three sites through our program. At 10 sites or more, the cost is just $10/month per site.   

Click here to learn more about these incentives, as well as those for Jetpack and WooCommerce. 

Who is this program for?

Automattic for Agencies is tailor-made for agencies that deliver custom solutions catering to the unique demands of their clients. It’s an ideal match for medium-sized agencies offering a full spectrum of digital services.

If you’re interested in earning commissions by recommending Automattic’s products and services to a wider audience, consider joining the Automattic Affiliates program. This program is especially beneficial for content creators, influencers, educators, and anyone interested in speaking about Automattic products online.

Learn more about Automattic for Agencies 

Take the first step by setting up your account today. To learn more, visit or click below to apply for early access: 

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