Advanced Task Scheduler 2.

Posted by download in Other, Software on 13-06-2010

Application details

Advanced Task Scheduler - is a multifunctional task scheduler, which allows launching programs and Batch files, opening documents and Internet pages, displaying popup reminders, playing sounds, shutting down and restarting computer, stopping running processes, establishing and closing Internet connections, sending e-mail messages - automatically at a specified time, repeatedly at a time interval or by a system event. Advanced Task Scheduler offers full set of scheduling tools that allow running scheduled tasks automatically at a specified time, minutely, Hourly, daily, monthly, yearly, in specified period of time after starting the computer or by such events as hot key, computer idle, Internet connection established/terminated, etc. Key Features * Small and easy to use; * Many flexible schedule types; * Automatically starts applications; * Displays reminder messages as a popup window, a balloon tip or a transparent window near task bar; * Plays alarm sounds; * Logoff, restart, shutdown or power off, suspend or hibernate computer; * Kills processes and closes windows; * Sends e-mail and network messages; * Automatically establishes and terminates Dial-up network connections; * Logs all made automatic starts; * Can be installed as Windows Service; * Compatible with all 32 bit Windows operating systems; * Optimized for Windows XP and for Accessibility; * Free support and upgrades to registered users.




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